Thursday, December 15, 2011

Queen Bee Wat(t)son

You know about phantom rings?  Like when you hallucinate hearing your cel-phone even though it isn't actually ringing?  Or your butt goes all tingly because you think your phone's vibrating even though it isn't in your back pocket?  Now I hear bees all the time, even when they aren't there.

Here's a video that Christian made one time when we went to collect bees.  I'm wrong about one thing though--I said that the newspaper gets taken away, but that isn't so.  The bees just chew through the paper, so there isn't any need to remove it.  This lady has a nice explanation on her blog.  In fact, I found tons of blog posts and videos on combining weak hives with strong ones.

You might also wonder why I AM SUCH A DWEEB  in this video.  Probably I would have come across more naturally, but I had already explained this to him once, and he asked me to do it again for the camera.  Wheras the first time I was just telling him about it,  the second time I was trying to remember what I had said and repeat it.  So there. 

Oh, and just so you know that I know, Watson only has one T.  I didn't title the video.  So the spelling nazi's in the audience can pipe down now.

Since the shot of the combined hive in my dorky little film is kind of far away, here's a photo that I found which shows everything quite clearly.

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